4950 Manila Avenue, Oakland
Listed for $625,000 -
Sold for $750,000

2 Bedrooms, 1 baTHroom

The sellers of this Temescal property came to me by way of a good friend, and although they had grown up here, they both moved out of town many years ago.  This was their family house, which had been rented out for decades.  Like many rentals, it needed love to be put on the market, and the sisters could not see the value of putting any money into it; they just wanted it sold.  To me, this was their inheritance, their travel money, their spoil-the-grandchildren money, the fruit of their parent's hard work.  My challenge was showing them the difference of putting a little bit in and getting a whole lot out.  When I attach my name to a property, I want it to present in its best light.  We deep cleaned, prepped and staged... then hugged, as we reviewed 7 amazing offers.  The value became apparent, and I was so grateful they put their trust in me.


4950 Manila LR.jpg