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5224 Proctor Avenue,

Listed for $1,098,000 

3 Bedrooms, 2.5 baTHrooms

I don't always advise home inspections be part of a buyer's contingencies, but I do always advise they obtain a home inspection.  Houses are unique; you should know how they work, including what works as it should and what you should keep your eyes on.  What should be replaced/repaired (a leaky faucet, outdated furnace, damaged wood on a deck)?  What's a bonus (on-demand water heater, 7-station drip irrigation system)?  What needs periodic changing (filters, batteries)?  A good home inspector is worth their weight in gold to a buyer, and I only recommend the best.

Fast forward to this gorgeous view home in Upper Rockridge, and my two sweet clients are walking through with eyes (very) wide open, with the home inspector and me.  The inspector is pointing out things like a central vacuum system, dual-zone furnace and motion-sensor lights, when I realize those eyes are lost.  I ask the inspector for a bit more detail.  Still lost, but curious.  He finally stops and asks them, "if a light bulb were out in the hi-rise you were living in, what would you do?"  They smiled and said, "call the Super!"  'Loved that!  Doctors, lawyers, engineers, florists... it's good to know my clients trust me when I tell them we should schedule a home inspection.


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