(multiple OFFERS!)

6242 Buena Vista Avenue,

Listed for $1,779,000 

4 Bedrooms, 3 full and 2 half baTHrooms

One of my favorite reasons for loving what I do is knowing I'm helping get people where they want to be (moving).  It's not just a tag line; it's a multiplicitous reality.  In this beautiful Upper Rockridge home, I met a woman (who would come to be its owner) who was ready to move.  In her heart, in her career, in her physical location, on her path.  She knew what she wanted, for she's thought long and hard of what that was, and lined up all of her ducks in a neat row pointing towards her goal.  Letting go of a past -- whether it's as simple as a renter moving into a home of their own, or parents letting go of their kid's elementary school and moving them into middle school -- can be traumatic.  I love listening to each of my buyers' stories and help them move on.  As I walked her through this house, noting the gorgeous wood and architectural details, layout and even the dead-on sunset over the Bay, I realized that she was also helping me move on.  She got a stunning home on Buena Vista and a peaceful new chapter in life; I got a finer understanding of gratitude, that I carry with me today.  Thank you!