2312 Tiffin Road, Oakland
Listed for $725,000 -
Sold for $865,000

3 Bedrooms, 2 baTHrooms

One of my favorite client stories... I met Robyn and Ethan as newlyweds, when they called into my office and spoke with -- no, rather GRILLED -- me (and I loved the challenge).  They were ready to buy a house, had saved and done all their homework, and needed a good agent to work with.  I told them I couldn't meet them that afternoon because I was hosting an Open House, but they could swing by if it was convenient and meet me, and we could talk a bit there.  They did! -- and I pointed them in the direction of another Open House I thought they might like, on their way out.  They left me a message on my phone about half an hour later, to the tune of, 'we saw the house and you're spot on; we want to buy it.  Call us asap.'  I got them the house.  Fast forward a few years and this lovely couple had not one but three children (a daughter, then a set of twins), two dogs and a set of parents moving in with them to help.  Wow!  Not surprisingly, they needed something a bit larger, and I was honored to now list and sell the house I helped them buy.  Hat's off to you all, the sweetest family with the best kiddo hugs!


Tiffin Kitchen.jpg