619 El Dorado Avenue, Oakland
Sold for $1,395,000 

3 Bedrooms, 2.5 baTHrooms

My clients wanted a grand house -- grand in stature, with old woodwork, nooks and crannies, maybe a spot for a small garden and room for a little one, should they be so blessed.  We looked, wrote offers, shed tears, and had discussions about the craziness of the market.  The houses they wrote on were not only popular, but unique and hard to come by.  Settling in to maybe 'waiting out the market' (which rarely works), they went on vacation.  The day they returned, I called them and said, "I've found your house; you have to come and see it today."  I had no doubt they belonged in this house, from the moment I entered it, and offers were due the next day.  They arrived and thought the same thing.  Done!  I love when I can make that happen!


619 El Dorado.jpg