5873 Morpeth Street, Oakland
Listed for $899,000 -
Sold for $1,200,000

4 Bedrooms, 1.5 baTHrooms

When friends ask me to sell their family house in Upper Rockridge, I was honored.  There was much to do with this house, from walking them through the inspections, design ideas, purging and major changes, and it felt good to be the one this dear family turned to throughout the process.  I often ask my Sellers to walk me through their home, so I can see it through their eyes and present it appropriately.  In this instance, I got so much more -- the window my friend would climb out of and scurry down the roof line as a kid, at night; the vegetable garden with artichoke plants from their father's native Italy; the years of National Geographic magazines that rivaled the collection my own family grew up with; the hints of Roses that nodded to their Mom.  Bringing this to market was a labor of love.