3025 Totterdell Street, Oakland
Listed for $1,350,000 -
Sold for $1,350,000

4 Bedrooms, 2 baTHrooms

Research shows that you’re 30% more likely to work with and go the extra mile for someone you like. I’m quite sure I went 130% for the darling couple who bought 3025 Totterdell, and for my colleague who was on vacation for the beginning of the sale. We do that from time to time — look after another agent’s clients while we go on vacation (and breathe). I expected to just be showing them a few houses (not breaking the key in one of them and locking us out, but that’s for another post) until my colleague returned. But then we unearthed this one and it was meant to be. The negotiations ensued and the contract was ratified. The negotiations were, oh, a little crazy (that’s the polite way of saying they went on for a long while, because things were so out-of-the-ordinary that I couldn’t make them up or fit them into this small page), my colleague returned, shook her head and joined me, when all the while our clients were sweet as can be, and so looking forward to making this their new home.

Just after it closed, I dropped by to check on them. I was headed to the hairdressers after that, to (try to) look especially wonderful for a friend’s wedding that evening. As I pulled up to their house, my power steering went out and smoke billowed out of the bonnet (it’s a Mini; we’re supposed to call it that). Billowed, as my heart sank and words defied me, and as I happily looked at the pile of boxes all around their new house, met their parents and saw how giddy they all were. I couldn’t leave (sad Mini), couldn’t stay (wedding hair), and couldn’t think (somewhat unusual). And what did they do, you ask? They told me to lock up my car for the weekend just where it was, call AAA on Monday, and hop in their car because they were going to take me to the salon. Off we went, and the sun came back out again. THAT stopped me in my tracks and filled me with gratitude. Thank you, A&R, and may that goodness come back to you in your new home. <3

totterdell family room.JPG
totterdell kitchen.JPG

For those of you wondering about the house… it’s an updated Piedmont Pines traditional, featuring an open floor plan with chef’s kitchen, dining room, living room with cozy fireplace and deck overlooking the backyard and trees. Downstairs family room with ‘hidden’ office/guest room, paneled walls and another deck, leading to the back yard for relaxation and/or play — the lower deck looks up at an outdoor projection screen, all privately set amidst the trees. With room to grow. ;)