Adele Gillis, Realtor
Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.
— Julia Child

dear Julia...

The blog of my foodie addiction:  It indeed ties in with Real Estate, as you'll see.  I work countless hours preparing my Sellers' houses for the market, negotiating deals and finding just the right properties for my Buyers to buy.  I thrive on it.  But the web of food thoughts, in all their glory, that spins through my head day and night, provides my energy (and sometimes, my place to just decompress).  Welcome!

Chef Extraordinaire!

Chef Extraordinaire!

what's your true kitchen personality?

Back in 2014, I clicked on one of those Facebook quizzes that asked, "What's Your True Kitchen Personality?"  Sucked me in right at the title, it did, especially when sponsored by Martha Stewart.  No surprise, I was deemed Chef Extraordinaire.  I looked at this picture and really could envision myself cooking here.  And moving that backpack out of the way.  And wondering how she got those things to stick on a stainless steel fridge without leaving some icky residue (magnets don't really work).  How old is that pasta in the glass jars?  Okay, stop:  That's how my mind works, as I size up houses on Broker Tour.  I try to head for the kitchen first, as many Realtors do, but not to find the food:  I look to see how the kitchen fits the house, how others mingle and linger or breeze right on through to another room.  What potential does it have for entertaining?  Are the counters for show or could I roll out ravioli for 20 on that slab?  Have they got the cook's triangle going on, or has the stager hidden the fridge in the pantry to make the kitchen appear larger?  Would my clients be happy in this kitchen?  What was meant to be cooked in this kitchen?



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