What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day


Make my tea, then leave.

A wise man (I mean, my therapist) once told me that Mother’s Day is not a day when I'm supposed to make my mom feel special. It's actually a holiday designed for my husband to make ME feel special. I feel less guilty already!

That said, Dear Husband, the rules for this Sunday are simple. Don’t wake me up. Don’t make me go to brunch. Don’t watch me eat breakfast in bed. Instead, the minute my eyes delicately flutter open on their own, bring me a cup of my own recipe for masala chai tea. And then leave, because I would like to enjoy the quiet time.

I’d also like to be alone with the tea because I actually don’t really enjoy sharing. I think that most mothers—after sacrificing their bodies, their sleeping hours, and their sanity—will agree that sharing, in general, is overrated. So just put the tea down on the bedside table and walk backward out of the room. Quietly.

This masala chai has intense nostalgic value for me, but all mothers will love it. It is richly caffeinated—moms love caffeine. It is sweetened, but not too much, and it’s spicy from fresh ginger—a reminder that life as a mom is sweet but there’s also a kick. Or actually there’s a catch, which is that being a mother means being plagued by worry and having to accept the fact that the people you created may sneeze directly into your mouth when they’re sick. Spicy indeed!


Making the masala chai takes 15 minutes, so the mother in your life will know that you made an effort, which is a thoughtful acknowledgement of her work. It would be nice if the children prepared cards expressing adoration, but it is more important that you preheat the cup by rinsing it with hot water so that the tea stays hot longer. When she’s finished with her tea, she’ll let you know. Until then: volume down please. It’s the mother’s day.

Get the recipe:
BA's Best Masala Chai

With love and thanks to: Carla Lalli Music, Food director at Bon Appetit (again, I’m totally jealous of her job…)

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