Experience Counts: Show Me What You've Got.


At 16, I was accepted into Bentley College,
I graduated from there with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, then A year and a half later from Northeastern University with a Master’s Degree in Technical & Professional Writing. Kick-ass New Englander studying, and I set my sights on becoming Chairman of the Board of some influential company…


Fast forward a bit to California, and after consulting to various financial companies (Bank of America, Citibank, US Bank), I actually did become Chairman of a company that I founded from the ground up. Grew that business and expanded, complete with me and a hardhat walking into a partially-built building so I could measure the space and draw it out for my cabinet makers, electricians and plumbers. Negotiated the leases, designed all the graphics, drank a ton of coffee and made it successful.

You won’t find that in my LinkedIn profile, but you’re welcome to ask me about it, or my other stints as an Instructor at both Northeastern University and San Francisco State University, teaching Technical Writing, Editing and Graphic Design.

I registered for a real estate introduction course, after being outbid on way too many houses (sound familiar?). Within three months, I’d passed all the courses I needed with flying colors (a Finance degree helps), passed the state licensing exam and joined Coldwell Banker. I was going to find our next house. No, wait; I was going to buy our next house, not just find it.

Photo: Scott Hargis

Photo: Scott Hargis

Within a few more months, I was hanging a For Sale sign on the little house and signing escrow papers on the bigger one (with garage, office, yard, bedrooms, storage). And with that, I’d become a Realtor.

When clients tell me, “you have no idea how stressful this is!”, I get it. I really do: I put our house on the market the Thursday preceding 9/11. I have tremendous empathy for buyers and sellers, and a knack for keeping the tumultuous calm.

I write ad copy and design marketing pieces with the keen eye my graduate degree taught me. I negotiate deals with the finesse of a Finance major, and help my clients structure loans or down payment options with outside-the-box thinking from my years spent in banking. I’ve built a company, spun off a company, renovated houses and restored them. I’ve relocated cross-country and worked internationally. I’ve taught; I’ve learned; I’ve mentored.

Today, I realize that my experience and knowledge is not simply how many years I’ve been a Realtor at Highland Partners.

Put my 25+ years of experience to the test and let’s get you moving!

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