Holy Crap -- Half a MILLION over asking!

Who’s your go-to for real estate these days? What makes you ‘click’ on my website instead of another’s? I’m curious… and the office optimist.🙋

I prep, I photograph, I write, I find, I share, I blog, I organize, I calm, I sell.

Why do people hire me? Because I go after the goal: 💰The highest and best possible price (or the lowest, for all my buyers).

And I negotiate like hell. Your success becomes mine:

  • “the lowest of three offers and the seller chose ours!”

  • “you just sold my house for $200,000 over the asking price!”

  • “our back-up offer just got the house!”

  • “holy crap—half a MILLION over asking!” (yes, I did that 🙌 )


Now, I want to sell yours.

Ready? Let’s talk. Call me or shoot me over an email; I reply quickly.

Not ready and need to know more? I don’t blame you; I research everything. Check out my website and find answers to these questions and more:

  • How long have you been a Realtor? (since I got frustrated and outbid on seven properties…nearly 20 years ago)

  • What’s your background? (English, Scottish and Irish. Ohhhhhh: Finance, Writing and Teaching)

  • Why should I hire you? (because I’ll get you moving… and I’m fun to work with)

  • What’s your track record? (proven success—check out my Client Reviews)

  • Can you show me some of the properties you’ve worked with? (absolutely!—scroll through My Listings)

  • Got any good tips for maintaining a home? (just call me Heloise—follow my Tips & Tricks blog)

I’ve sold the Governor of California’s house, listed a $10-million home, and handed the keys to a tiny condo to an adorable young couple. Maybe yours is somewhere in between?

✌ Happy clients. Call me for the details, work with me for the goals.



Adele Gillis